Terms & Conditions

Please note that all bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy
1. Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance for UK bookings and up to 5 days in advance for international bookings. If you cancel the booking within 48 hours (UK) or 5 days (International) you will be liable for 50% of the booking cost as well as any other expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation of the booking.

In the unlikely event that a booked artist is unable to attend due to accident or sudden illness, KATO shall endeavour to provide a suitable substitute at no additional charge to the event organiser. This does not apply in circumstances detailed below.

2. Force Majeure

KATO Management will not be liable for failing to attend a booking where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including Snow & Flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control.

3. Requirements

Artist Requirements will be sent ahead of each performance. This will consist of the technical requirements needed in order to perform. If these are not met and the artist is unable to perform as a result of this, you will still be liable for the full booking fee and costs.

4. Changes to dates and/or venue

If there is a date or venue change then we will try and accommodate this as best as possible at no extra cost. Should any extra costs be incurred from this (such as flight changes), then you will be liable to cover this.

5. Over-time

If a booked artist is required to perform longer than the agreed set length then there will be additional costs as a result of this. A booked artist retains the right to refuse to play over-time.

6. International travel

Artists booked to appear abroad must have their travel and accommodation costs paid prior to the performance and the logistical organisation of this is the responsibility of the event organisers.

7. Supporting crew

For larger performances, festivals and international travel, the event organiser will be responsible for covering the travel and accommodation costs of an artist's support crew as long as this is agreed prior to the booking being finalised. Relevant passes will also need to be provided to the team to gain access to the event and relevant back-stage areas so that they may support the artist.

8. Access to basics

We require someone to meet all our artists and make them comfortable at the event, providing them with free access to bottled water (and, at certain events, food also). 

9. Designated artist liaison

Both the artist and their management team must at all points be made aware of the individual responsible for liaising between themselves and the event organisers / managers.

10. Reasonable requests

Event organisers agree to committ reasonable effort to accommodate reasonable requests for any booked artist.

11. Press and promotional material

Any press and/or promotional material relating to the event (including before, during and after) that includes an artist's name, image, likeness or affiliation must have approval from the Artist's management team.

12. By-laws

KATO Management, their team or any artists part of the collective shall be in no way liable for the breach of by-laws or conditions which the venue or event organiser breaches in the course of the event.

13. Damage and/or loss

If damage or loss is sustained to the equipment of a booked artist or their personal belongings as a result of the actions of event staff, customers or guests (both purposeful and negligent), then the event organiser will be responsible for providing compensationfor all damages.

14. Over-running of other sets

KATO Management will not be liable for any refund where a booked artist is unable to pay as a result of the over-running or late-running of set times or performances. Where possible, an artist will reasonably accommodate such changes.

15. Set length modification

A booked artist reserves the right to modify their set length in order to accommodate bringing an event back on schedule (if agreed with a member of the event team). This will have no implication on any fees or booking costs.

16. Set-list

A copy of the set list and set times will be given to the artist and their management crew as soon as possible so that they can be fully prepared.

17. Equipment safety

By booking an artist, it is agreed that the performance venue is fully safety checked and has all necessary safety certificates in place. Any artist may reserve the right to refuse to connect any equipment to their own if they deem it unsafe.

18. Licenses

The event organiser acknowledges that they will be responsible for ensuring all necessary PRS (Performing Rights Society) and PPL (Public Performance Licence) licenses and reports are maintained efficiently where needed.